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Light installation that holds up to 10 people at the same time. In this installation the audience lies in a color-changing dome. Because the audience does not receive any visual information, the brain is stimulated to relax and create slower waves.

VPRO Zomergasten

Together with Neal Groot we created a decor inspired by Bolivia’s salt flats.  These salt flats reflect the sky because of a thin layer of water. This only occurs in January because of the little bit of rain that falls . To this we added the top of camper where guest and host sit, inspired by Dutch holidays in order to create a playful environment thats stimulates a playful conversation.

Voyager One

Decor for music theatre play ‘Voyager One’ by Touki Delphine. Decor is a ‘transmission station’ in which all musical instruments are linked to 34 LED lights attached to the steel construction. The LED lamps are programmed to translate music into light. For example, volume translates to intensity and pitch to color, inspired by synaesthesia, a mix of senses.




Amsterdam based Studio Koen Steger designs spaces and installations that play with perception. We offer immersive installation art, spatial design and site-specific art for urban public areas, museums and cultural organizations.

We want to illuminate unconscious processes in the mind. To show how reality is created. Making people aware reality is relative and therefore create a new view on what is present. Together with a team of experts we combine art, science and technology to recreate an experience from within the brain in tangible form. These new created spaces or installations play with our perception. To create a great impact these spaces often enclose the observer. The observer becomes part of the formulated experience and literally a part of the space for new perspective.


Studio Koen Steger
Telephone number: +31 620715933
Geldersekade 101
1011 EM Amsterdam