Peer Gynt (1867) is the world famous play by Henrik Ibsen.
The Play is written for 39 players, hundreds of extra’s and tells the adventurous story of Peer’s Life journey throughout 3 continents, 40 years and 5 files. Becoming emperor is his goal. Being himself or not is the question. En how and where.
When Peer Gynt (2015) is staged in the Theatre he makes an 100 minute trip. The Hall is his Kingdom, the players, set and limelight his nationals.

Text: Henrik Ibsen
Translation: Marcel Otten

Played by: Jilles Flinterman, Dave ten Kate, Diewertje Dir, Margo Verhoeven, Roben Mitchell, Dolf van Langelaar
Direction and concept: Ingrid Askvik (Afstudeerproductie Opleiding Regie)
Scenography and concept: Koen Steger (Afstudeerproductie Opleiding Scenografie)
Production: Pauline Otten (Afstudeerproductie Opleiding Productie Podiumkunsten)
Technical production: Neal Groot (Afstudeerproductie Opleiding Techniek en Theater)
Sound design: Felipe Ignacio Noriega
Light design: Bart van den Heuvel
Costume Design: Ilona Overweg
Dramaturgy: Laura Simonse
Production assistent: Sophie Kroese
Sound: Bram Anneveldt
Light: Bea Verbeek

photo’s by Robert van der Ree