Koen Steger

T 0031 620715933

E info@koensteger.nl


As a Scenographer I design a space in time in the theatre. I also design stages and art installations for music festivals. As an artist I create paintings, sculptures or theatrical installation art. But what combines all of my work is a deep research. I research subjects deeply and try to translate this into art, into design, into new ways that have not been showed before or not been used before. In this way I try to expand the domains of Art, Theatre and Design. In my work I use a lot of fantasy and I always try to create works that are intellectually challenging, visually attractive and emotionally touching. With my works I try to explore. One of the things that interest me most is the subconscious mind. I find ways to influence the subconscious to create a bigger experience in the conscious world.

As a kid there was always only one profession for me; becoming an inventor. I used to invent flying cars or try to draw the future. Although I don’t chase these dreams anymore at the moment, of all the things that I do would most of all still call myself an Inventor

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