Buut, de naderende dood

For this play i designed the set. The set is a filmset with 7 different locations. some are only visible through video. video plays an important role in the play.

Summary of the play: During an intercontinental Flight Tim Linde receives a disgusting airplane meal. But what can go wrong with an ordinary curry?  The opposite seems true. The curry haunts Tim and after days of showers and Deo nothing changes. Slowly Tim and his worldview are becoming more yellow. brown yellow. The color of curry.

concept & directing Jan Hulst en Kasper Tarenskeen players Nadia Babke, Emma Pelckmans, Tim Linde, Thomas Hoppener en Chris Peters music Kasper Tarenskeen, David van der Leeuw costumes Nola van Timmeren scenography Koen Steger light design Attila Nemeth Technician Michael Yallop Publicity image Hans van der Leeuw dagelijksportret.nl Photo’s Sanne Peper in coproduction with Toneelgroep Oostpool Big thanks to Thijmen Doornik, Teddy Cherim, Joycelynn Wigmans, Xiomara van Eendenburg