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Hello there, my name is Koen Steger (born 1991) and I work as a designer and artist.

I design and create artistic concepts for Theatre sets, Television Sets, Installation design and interior and spatial design.

My work is on the boundary of design and art. In my designs I think about a space during a time. The designs I create are often changing form shape or colour in time, which makes them living organisms. I often investigate the world of video in designing my sets.

The common divider in my work is extensive research. I dive into the different themes and try to translate this into a mix of art and design. This is how I expand the domains of art, theatre and design. In my work I use a lot of fantasy and I always try to create works that are intellectually challenging, visually attractive and emotionally touching. With my works I explore.

My greatest dreams are about creating installation art across the world, things that astonish, inspire and affect.

Want to get in touch?

T 0031 620715933


Studio Koen Steger
Haarlemmerweg 514
1014 BL Amsterdam

M 0620715933