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Studio Koen Steger designs spaces/installations and experiences that play with perception.

We believe the world and ourselves are in fact systems. Inside these systems we are interested in the perception of our system. we believe we can work out the way our perception works in order to get a better understanding of our system.

We believe you can change the way our system works by altering the perspective.

We research how to influence the perspective and combines art, technology and science to design spaces/experiences that give new insights and let you experience things that could not be experienced before. For example we created an installation that lets you experience dreaming while being awake. This installation is further investigated because it might be stress relieving and boost productivity and creativity.

Our work consists mostly out of light and space.

Interested what we can do for you, give us a call?

T 0031 620715933

Commissioned project clients

Studio Koen Steger
Haarlemmerweg 514
1014 BL Amsterdam

M 0620715933