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VPRO Zomergasten

Zomergasten is a television program classic by the VPRO that runs since 1988, based on an equally simple and innovative idea: interviewing an inspiring guest  and ask them to explain long fragments of their choice. Neal Groot and I created a decor with a simple idea inspired by Bolivia’s salt flats which reflect the sky because of the little bit of rain that falls in January that creates a thin layer of water. We added the top of camper to the whole where guest and host sit on inspired by dutch holidays . This creates a playful environment to stimulate a playful conversation.

Guests: Rosanne Hertzberger, Eberhart van der Laan, Glenn Helberg, Wim Opbrouck, Frans de Waal, Claudia de Breij

Host: Janine Abbring
Editor: Jurgen van Uden
Production: Jenny Borger
Director: Edith Ruyg
Video projections: Urbi et Orbi
Set design: Neal Groot & Koen Steger
Technical Production: Frank Hulsebosch

Images by VPRO

Building of the decor

Timelapse opbouw